Use Topaz Adjust for brilliant contrast, detail, and color adjustments.

“I was impressed by the versatility and depth of the effects that were possible with this single plug-in.”
DAVE HUSS, Photoshop User

“Topaz Adjust allows you to take ordinary photos and turn them into vivacious images
similar to the high dynamic range photos (HDR) that pros create.”
Sally Wiener Grotta & Daniel Grotta, PCWorld

“I like to use presets like Heavy Pop Grunge and Dynamic Pop at around 50% strength.
They bring vibrance and acuity to an image, and look great on night shots.”
Tom Bol, Digital Photo

“The ability to go way beyond simply fixing photos and deliver stunning and unique-looking output from even the most blandly lit image makes Adjust a real must-have.” (5/5 star rating)
Kevin Carter, MacUser

Many photographers featured in Outdoor Photographer use Adjust to create attention-grabbing outdoor scenes.
"Another software package that has gained a following among HDR enthusiasts is Topaz Adjust."
Ashley Myers-Turner, Outdoor Photographer

Our eyes see far more than a camera ever will.

Have you ever been so spellbound by something you see that you can hardly take your eyes off it? Maybe it’s a snow-capped mountain, an urban cityscape or a sunset over the ocean. Whatever it is, you are so fascinated by its grandeur, nuances and vibrance. Without diverting your gaze, you raise your camera and press the shutter so you can hang onto this moment forever.

But then ... your excitement fades as you realize the digital version pales in comparison to the real thing. If only there was a way to make the image fully reflect your photographic vision in brilliant contrast, depth, and color.

Watch your images come to life with dramatic contrast, incredible detail and vivid color.

Unlike our eyes, a camera lens can't compensate for all the tonal values we see right in front of us. If you shoot something bright, you’ll lose all the details in the shadows, if you shoot something dark, the highlights will be blown out. You can try to correct contrast, details, and vibrancy yourself, but it’s difficult to make images pop like you want.

Thankfully, with Topaz Adjust you can give your images the soul and character you envisioned in the field.

Travel Photographer Scott Stulberg uses Topaz Adjust to uncover subtle nuances and hidden details.

“Very few things come along that completely change your workflow, but Adjust is one of those rare gems that you wonder how you lived without. It is, without a doubt, my favorite plugin of all time.”

After teaching Photoshop plug-ins for over 15 years, Scott loves how Topaz Adjust almost reads your mind about subtle tonal nuances that make your photos even better. He also uses it to make his photos more vivid by bringing out incredible detail.

Scott Stulberg is a travel photographer who journeys often to distant lands looking to create unique photos. He leads workshops around the globe and teaches digital photography and Photoshop at many institutions. Visit Scott's website for more great images.

HDR photographer Trey Ratcliff uses Adjust to add a stunning finishing touch.

"I find that the HDR process can wash out a photo and take away lines and contrast. Topaz Adjust helps bring it back. It's really a wonderful product and I highly recommend it."

Trey Ratcliff is no stranger to stunning photos, and he uses Topaz Adjust to help him develop them. Adjust's technology is well-suited to bringing out contrast throughout your photo, which makes it great for creating amazing HDR photos.

Trey is a prolific photographer who took the first HDR photo ever hung in the Smithsonian. He has been called the "Pioneer of HDR Photography" on TED. Check out how he uses Topaz Adjust on his photos at Stuck in Customs.

If Ben Fewtrell could only have one tool in his digital darkroom, it would be Adjust.

“When it comes down to choosing just one tool, I choose Topaz Adjust. It’s a great ‘all rounder’ because you can do everything from controlling exposure to bringing out detail to enhancing color
… and that’s just a tad of what it can do.”

Australian photographer Ben Fewtrell has had an SLR in hand since his teens. His main passion is creating images that mimic what the human eye sees, especially in landscape photography (view Ben's website).

Most mornings you will find Ben with his Nikon D800 on the coast of Sydney waiting for the sun to rise. When he’s not snapping photos, he dedicates time helping others with their photo journeys.

HDR Photographer Blake Rudis uses Adjust to add artistic expression to his images.

“Topaz Adjust satisfies a very important step – my artistic expression.  I fine tune my artistic vision
with very intuitive adjustments that can either make my images pop or add a mood
that cannot be achieved in Photoshop.”

Blake Rudis remembers the exact moment he became obsessed with creating hyper realistic images back in 2010. He quickly learned he needed a good post-processing workflow to achieve the results he wanted so he purchased Topaz Adjust — and he’s been using it ever since.

He uses Topaz Adjust not only because it’s an artistic vision powerhouse, but also because it’s extremely efficient. He knows he can count on the presets — Dynamic Pop II is a favorite — anytime he needs to speed up his workflow. Check out Blake's unique style on Everyday HDR.

Award-winning photographer Rick Sammon uses Adjust to bring the wonders of light into his images.

"Photographers need the best tools both in the field and in the digital darkroom: Topaz Adjust can transform snapshots into great shots, and great shots into art.”

Rick Sammon teaches his students to "explore the light" for great photos, and Topaz Adjust helps him do that in post-processing. He recommends Adjust because it offers endless creative possibilities for all photographers at the click of a mouse.

Rick Sammon is a professional photographer and a well-known authority on post-processing (see his website for some great info). He has photographed in almost 100 countries around the world and gives over two dozen photography workshops each year.

"It's brilliant that we now have a tool that can help us create intricately detailed HDR-like shots,
without the need for multiple exposures.”
ROB NUNN, Rob Nunn Photo

"Adjust is truly an amazing and interesting product. You can apply all sorts of effects to your photos...I was both impressed and amazed. The things you can do with it... wow!”
JIM NIX, Nomadic Pursuits

"It’s a great tool to make your photos pop, and it will simplify post-processing so you can get more work done.”
RON MARTINSEN, Ron Martinsen Photography

"I recently played with Topaz Adjust and have discovered a reason to start using Photoshop again.”
SCOTT ECCLESTON, Weekly Photography Tips

The secret “oomph” ingredients that make your images stand out.

Every eye-catching image has these three characteristics: contrast, detail and color. You’ll be hooked after trying Topaz Adjust just once — you’ll get better results in less time. It's like having a magic genie in your digital darkroom!

(Hover to see the before and after images, or click to view a larger version)

Dramatic Contrast

Adaptive exposure allows you to balance your image’s tonal values, enhancing local contrast and dynamic range as well as recovering detail from blown out highlights or blocked up shadows.

  • Using more adaptive exposure will typically enhance the perceived dynamic range of your photo and make it look more “punchy”. You can modify the number of regions that the algorithm in Adjust uses to calculate local tonality. The higher the setting, the more variations in tone enhanced depth.

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Incredible Detail

Detail enhancement technology analyzes your whole image to enhance small details without boosting noise. Because of this, the results are far better than a simple sharpening or local contrast adjustment.

  • You can create powerful images when you use this with Adjust's adaptive exposure technology. You can control whether Adjust processes detail and exposure together or separately. Processing them together results in a gritty and grungy look, while processing them separately minimizes artifacts like halos and noise.

    more →

Vivid Color

Adjust’s adaptive color technology gives you a way to create great color effects without overdoing it. Make your images look true to life or add HDR effects to blur the lines between reality and illusion.

  • Based on the same principles as its adaptive exposure technology, Adjust analyzes the entire image to determine how to enhance color in a way that would look best. Your images will have bold and striking colors, without looking "unnatural" in the way that it would if you cranked saturation to 100.

    more →

All of these are important, but the real magic begins when all 3 characteristics are combined.

scott stulberg
© Scott Stulberg

Photographers everywhere are bringing out the best in their photography with Topaz Adjust.

(Hover to see the before and after images, or click to view a larger version)

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  1. 5

    Flexible and powerful

    Gives me great control over contrast, color and detail.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  2. 5

    Very useful software

    I am a beginning photographer, I shoot in RAW, and I am reasonably good in Photoshop. I think Topaz Adjust is remarkable software for giving a brightness to images. I apply Topaz Adjust in a separate layer in Photoshop and reduce the opacity of the layer to about 40%. I stop adjusting the opacity downward when I reach a point where the Topaz Adjust effect is present, but subtle enough to not make the image look processed. I thought Topaz Adjust was good enough to buy, and I would guess that it will be a part of most images that I process.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  3. 5

    Quick and easy

    I never realized how flat my images where until I used adjust. The detail and contrast that I can achieve gives me a renued excitement about editing. I find myself re editing some of my old favourites. Love this program!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  4. 5

    I am a beginner and without to much work I am able to use the program, but I have a lot to learn
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  5. 5

    Great Software

    I love Topaz Adjust it makes me pictures pop! Thanks!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  6. 5

    A good title as it is adjusting what you have done to what you like.

    A really great software to get just about any change you want in your regular photographs. I use it all the time. It is easy to understand and there are so many choices. Truly, a photographer’s friend.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  7. 4

    friendly interface

    easy to use with really good outcomes
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  8. 5

    Adjust is addicting

    I have used the trial version and can’t leave it alone. I would say that 90% of my photos go to adjust now. It fast and easy no doubt.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  9. 5

    Love it.

    I love topaz adjust, I have all of Topaz products and can vouch for all of them. Excellent plugins.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  10. 3


    Sorry to say that the filters are not that useful or the functions that helpful. I was hoping that the Topaz Adjust would give me something more than tonal contrast adjustments, but I was disappointed to discover that the effects are just not that exciting and the enhancement not better than other enhancement software.

  11. 5

    Great effects for enhancing photos

    Topaz has been easy to use and has given my photos pop and definition. The tools enable a wide range from subtle to dramatic changes.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  12. 5


    i used so many kind of software’s of pic editing, as my suggestion it’s very user friendly and it has a good effects and futures… GOOD & NICE WORK
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  13. 5

    Great add-on to Photoshop

    This is an excellent piece of software. The presets alone allow you to improve you photographs immeasurably. Very easy to use and seamless integration with Photoshop. Well worth the money.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  14. 5

    Good results

    It continues to quit during usage.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  15. 5

    A whole new world of creativity

    I am still learning the subtleties of Topaz Adjust, however, I am loving the flexibility offered for fine tuning. My background in drawing and painting has slowly morphed into photography. Topaz Adjust makes it easy to turn my photos into more “artistic” images.
    Thanks to all those who did the hard part in putting all the choices together!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  16. 5

    Great product

    This is a great product for quick and easy effects/fixes. I use it all the time!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  17. 5


    I would recommend this product to a friend

  18. 5

    Very intuitive

    Helped me a lot to give that special touch to my photographs.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  19. 5

    Just One Click

    Topaz Adjust has the ability to wholly change the dynamics of your photograph with a single click. A dull uninspiring shot can be re-illuminated in a way that brings back your intentions when shooting the scene, perhaps under difficult conditions of light etc. A great add on, wholly recommended.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  20. 5

    Topaz Adjust

    Excellent product. It has an amazing depth of possible uses. I have only scratched the surface and am very happy with the results.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  21. 4

    Easy to use as I'm a beginner

    Very pleased with the effects and that when I selected grid I could view all options plus tweek them slightly to my advantage.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  22. 5

    Works great

    I have found many uses for adjust in the few weeks that I have had it. I found it especially useful for cleaning up underwater pictures taken while snorkeling. I would definitely recommend it ti anyone who is serious about having their photographs look as good as possible,
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  23. 5


    Topaz Adjust is awesome. I’m amazed at what it can do to my images, even those captured with my very first digital compact camera, which is 12 years old. This is brilliant when paired with Lightroom 5. Totally recommended, but this is my secret to amazing images. Just don’t tell my friends. They are amazed too!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  24. 5

    Make your photos POP!

    Adjust is the quickest and easiest way to make your photos pop, low cost super high return, best money I’ve spent on an addition to my Photoshop. Stop wasting time reading this and go but Adjust!!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  25. 5

    Best plug in ever

    After a bit of a hiccup (my fault) downloading Topaz Adjust, and the excellent help Topaz Labs gave me, I have to say I love this product. I’m just an amateur photographer who takes pretty ordinary photos, but what topaz adjust does to those photos….Wow !! I have recommended this to all my friends already.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  26. 5

    Top quality adjustments for top quality results

    I really like Topaz for wide range of adjustment settings and pre-defined presets.
    But what is really helpful is it’s ability to keep subtle details and imbue rich colors in the flattest images. And all of this with just couple of clicks.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  27. 5

    Easy to use

    I have enjoyed Topaz Adjust. We’ve gotten beautiful results. We have several other Topaz Products – this is the one we use the most.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  28. 5

    Does a lot but doesn't go over the top

    It does things I can’t do. Love it for that. I like doing unusual things with my digital images and Topaz Adjust does that as well.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  29. 5

    Very easy to learn

    Great tool for adding effects to your photos. Pairs great with Lightroom.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  30. 5


    That’s what happens when I combine Adjust/Detail/Clarity the photos explode.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  31. 5

    Just love it

    Love at first try. Can adjust photos so it bee nicer and more dramatic
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  32. 5

    I found it

    This is what I’ve been looking for..
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  33. 5

    Easy to use

    excellent and the tutorials make it easy
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  34. 4

    Yeah it very good

    I’m highly satisfied with Topaz Adjust. The only downside is; that currently it does not support retina displays on MAC’s which is hindering massively. Other than that; That Software is awesome
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  35. 5

    The cure for "meh"

    I’ll admit that I’m probably not the typical user of Topaz Adjust. Most of what I want to do with my photographs is better handled by other Topaz Labs plugins like Clarity and Detail. What can I say? I’m rather conservative, and “effects” are not my cup of tea. (Please don’t let me get started on my usual “HDR look” rant. You’ll regret it if you do.) But every now and then, a picture comes along that should be full of snap, crackle and pop, but just sits there lifeless, laughing at me. Adjust, used judiciously, lets me have the last laugh. (I’ll also admit that if you’re a little less straight-laced than I am, you can have an awful lot of fun playing with the presets and twiddling the knobs.)
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  36. 5

    Really Awesome Product

    Topaz Adjust makes things so easy for a beginner like myself to control and adjust the images. Really love the ease of use and all the presets that come with it. Highly recommended.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  37. 5

    WoW... easy to use

    This software is easy to install and more importantly, very easy to use. I used it often since I bought it few weeks ago and the result is great.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  38. 4

    Great Software But...

    Great software but when running Adobe CC products in 64bit mode on my HP laptop Adjust crashes consistently. I have to run in 32bit mode entirely to prevent crashes, but it is worth the inconvenience because Adjust is an incredible tool.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  39. 5

    I Love Topaz Adjust

    I love the product. It brings photos to life. It is specially good in scenery with water and landscapes. I use it all the time, and would recommend highly.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  40. 5


    I love Topaz Adjust. I tried other image editing software and since I’ve found Topaz I’ve deleted all other programs and use Photoshop and Topaz plug ins exclusively. The program is so easy to use and makes editing fun instead of a chore. Thank you and keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  41. 5


    .Since getting into Topaz my pictures have surpassed my expectations!.Just a couple of clicks and a slide or two and “Voila!”,…instant wall art!.Bravo Topaz!.Lovin the free upgrades as well!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  42. 4

    versatile and easy to use

    I like to change access via Lightroom or Photoshop, the possibility of individual steps.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  43. 5


    Easy to install and easy to use with so many possibilities.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  44. 4

    does a great job

    really has all the bits and bobs to manipulate any image, I still have much to learn to be able to use it to its best advantage.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  45. 5

    Lots of good presets. Still learning to use the sliders. You DO have to be care full, as you can over-do an image.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  46. 5

    Topaz Adjust is just perfect for my type of photography, it enhances the colours and details in my subjects beyond belief.
    It is very easy to use and if you do make a mistake you can use the undo function to correct it again
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  47. 5

    Great Product!

    very intuitive and so many options. A real go to tool.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  48. 5

    Muy fácil de usar.

    Tiene muchos presets que por si solos ya producen unos efectos sorprendentes en un instante. Es muy intuitivo y se pueden personalizar los ajustes de forma muy fácil. Ahorra mucho tiempo en el tratamiento de las fotos en Photoshop. Muy recomendable.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  49. 5

    topaz adjust

    incredible ,astonishing , should wish I had it years ago ; have recommended to all my friends .
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  50. 5


    I am new to this product bu I love it
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  51. 5

    Best buy - brilliant program

    Improves my photos quickly and covers all the effects which would normally take ages to apply.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  52. 5


    Brilliant Plug In adds real depth to images!

  53. 5

    Creativity in a neat package

    Easy to install and use. In case of any issues support is superb. Highly recommended,
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  54. 5

    -Still learning

    Topaz Adjust is a very versatile piece of software and can add a lot to photos, dependent upon the look one is trying to achieve. I can lighten, brighten, add contrast and ring out the details. I can make my own presets or use the available presets. I can also alter the parameters manually and get the feeling I want. I would recommend this software to anyone who likes to experiment and create pop-out photos.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  55. 4

    Useful but with some Surprises

    Generally I use Paintshop Pro for my editing and Tozaz Adjust integrates well with it. I suspect I could always get similar results using Paintshop Pro alone, Topaz Adjust can help me get there faster and it provides a good way to break the frustration when I can’t seem to think of what to do.

    That being said, I sometimes get surprising images when I return to Paintshop Pro that don’t look remotely like what I saw in the Topaz preview window. This would appear to be a bug in the software and perhaps sometime in the future it will be corrected.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  56. 5

    Unexpected "WOW" Factor

    I purchased Adjust and Restyle at the recommendation of a friend who truly understated the value of these programs. To me, it was just another plugin of many. However, I purposely took the crappiest photo I had in my Lightroom collection and ported over to Adjust. My jaw hit the ground when I saw the results. My photo went from my “delete” list to print it and sell it with a couple of clicks. When I posted it, I got dozens of kudos. It also works extremely well as a photoshop plugin. Great job!@
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  57. 5

    Great results with ease

    Topaz Adjust is an easy way to achieve really great results in my photography of my artwork. As a craftsperson, I needed a product that was easy to use so that I can spend more time creating my art than photographing and editing my art. My imagery looks professional and my portfolio looks fantastic as a result.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  58. 5

    Easy to use and excellent results

    I had tried Topaz as trial version before and I am now happy to have it bought full. Topaz adjust can help to get so many details out you didn’t even believe that they would be there!

    I would buy the whole collection if only I could afford!!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  59. 5


    Great product. Looking forward to getting the others.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  60. 5

    Great creative options

    Topaz adjust lets you explore the creative possibilities with an image. Whether you want a painterly look, increased contrast, higher level of clarity…the options are there for you to try as you build your final image. The presets and previews are a great starting point and the ability to customize the settings from there give you complete control. I would recommend Topaz Adjust.

  61. 5

    Great product

    Easy to use with great results
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  62. 5

    Amazing & super easy to use!

    Love adjust & use it a lot. If I could afford it, I’d have the entire Topaz collection!!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  63. 5

    Easy to use

    A few simple clicks and my photos ‘Pop’ with colour. Makes a good picture great in a matter of seconds. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve the quality of their images.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  64. 4

    Great results

    I’ve found Topaz Adjust great fun to work with. An amazing variety of editing possibilities giving my shots an added boost that has been noticed by many.
    Only difficulties I have experienced relate to not having Lightroom or Photoshop to start with. I am using Picasa so needed to downloading Irfanview for it to work…which means having to jump in and out of different software to do basic stuff like cropping and watermarking.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  65. 5

    Brilliant Plug in

    this is a brilliant plug in and, yes, it is easy to use. !! After use, the photos look sooooooooooooo good. Thank you Topaz for another winner.

  66. 5


    Topaz Adjust opens a door of creativity and inspiration! Easy to tweak the settings.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  67. 5

    soft very complete

    Many possibilities for a best result.
    Also, easy to use for me (frenchy!). I really appreciate differents preset available for a global view, when I begin a process. To finish with fine local application.
    4 words to close: well done Topaz team!!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  68. 5


    Topaz Adjust in fun to work with and makes a good picture a great picture in just a few clicks. It’s a real time saver in post production work.

    No Hype, just value for the investment. Works equally well with Coral or Photoshop.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  69. 5

    Easy to use!

    Just what I needed to make my images pop.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  70. 4


    Good to use on a whole batch of photographs, consistent results. Still playing with it and haven’t got fully to grips with it yet.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  71. 5

    Topaz Adjust

    I’m very pleased with this product. it made a big difference in several of my projects.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  72. 4


    i like it have to learn how to get the best from it yet thuogh.

  73. 5

    easy to use

    does a wonderful job!!!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  74. 5

    Easy to Use & Many Options

    There are so many variations it takes a while to experiment. The results are sometimes very surprising and satisfactory from a very to use program.
    I had gotten mine on sale with 1/2 off from Topaz; add to that another $10 off due to a referral and the final price was a very good value for Adjust.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  75. 5

    This program has a great impact on how your pictures will look. It is a major addition to lightroom. It does cause extra work because you will want to redo the pictures before you had Adjust. Bottom line, its great.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  76. 5

    amazing power

    .easy to use changed the way I look at my photographs completely.The only downside is it’s making me look at all my old photographs over again.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  77. 5

    Amazing plugin

    I have used this for about a month and the results of this programme is amazing. For photographs that lack contrast and colour depth the applications in this plugin lift them from mundane to spectacular. The HDR features are simply amazing. Any serious photographer should not be without this in their retouching software.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  78. 5

    Simple picture processing. User friendly. Easy learning curve.

    My daughter has recently returned from an overseas holiday with plenty of holiday snaps. With Topaz Adjust, I am processing, some 80 to 100 photos for a 8 x 11″ photo album to be her Christmas present. Adjust has many options to use with each photo. Grid View is time saving, displaying all the filters available from the chosen Collection . I am learning more with each photo and now use the curves tool and detail options on all photos. I have also been able to retrieve photos that were not in focus with Adjust filters. I experiment with each photo I process in Adjust. I have more to learn but Adjust has an easy learning curve.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  79. 5

    Simple, accurate and easy to use

    In general it is simple, accurate and very easy to use.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  80. 5


    Easy to use, great results. Sometimes unbelievable.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  81. 5

    Great addition to Light Room

    Working seamlessly within Light Room Topaz Adjust allows you to pull more from an image than you knew was there. In many cases something quite striking result from an otherwise marginal image. Once you’ve explored the many facets of Adjust, you can apply your choices, drop back into Light Room and add tweaks or merely export from there. The only fault I’ve found with it is that I spend far too much time “playing around” with all the choices.

    It is a worthwhile addition to Light Room and PS Elements.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  82. 5

    Hey, I'm really good. Never knew it before

    I went to Africa and took hundreds of elephant photos and bird photos. I got home and found them to be pretty good and in fact, sold a couple and got prizes for a couple. But then I put them through Topaz adjust and WOW! I couldn’t believe it. They are more than just good, they are terrific!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  83. 5

    Love it!

    This has made editing so quick and easy. Almost like just pushing a button and poof you’re done. You can be super quick or take your time and make it just the way you want!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  84. 5

    Excellent tool

    Topaz Ajust is an excellent tool With a lot of possibilities1
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  85. 4

    Quick adjustments

    Its great for quickly changing and adjusting a photo to meet your needs, creatively fixs and works with photos to bring out their full potential.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  86. 5

    Fantastic tool!

    Topaz Adjust gives me the best of worlds — really fantastic starting points for adjustments, and then the fine tuning opportunities for all of them. It can make some photos that are just “plain” and forgettable (and regrettable) to something that you really love and want to look at! I love the tones it quickly brings out, and the flexibility of all the adjustments.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  87. 5

    Adjust works well and is easy to use. I’m using with PS Elements 12 and for some reason I have to reinstall PS after every use So I’m not using adjust as much as I probably would. Any suggestions?
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  88. 5

    Impressive Results

    I am travel/stock photographer with over 20 years of experience and recently used Topaz Adjust for the first time on 1000 images from my spring shoots. Based on this experience, I believe Topaz Adjust can clearly improve many images. But, I and my clients are always concerned that images look natural and do not show processing artifacts. There are times when using Topaz Adjust adds pop to an image, but will show halos where it lightened dark areas. This seems most visible in the sky behind objects that have been lightened. Additionally, the sky color can take on an unnatural tone. Accordingly, there is not a workflow that can be used on all images. Each image must be processed and quality controlled individually. But, this is also true of images processed without Topaz Adjust. So, using it does not add much time to the image processing schedule. To help reduce processing time, I have written a few Photoshop actions that help automate using Topaz Adjust on an image, leaving the final tweaking and halo correction to me. This saves time and helps assure that the resulting images will be well received by my clients. I now use at least a little Topaz Adjust on every image.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  89. 2

    Topaz Adjust

    Good results but the programme continually crashes

  90. 5

    Topaz adjust

    Very pleased with my purchase. Ease of use is vert good, l will be using adjust a lot in the future
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  91. 5

    Spectacular results!

    Lots of options for photo style. Fun to work with and easy to boot!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  92. 5

    fun amasing effects

    I love this new program. you have so many choices and ways to blend different settings. Always make a dub layer or layers to work on so you can reduce an effect if you want to or blend several effects to by doing several layered changes
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  93. 5

    Excellent program

    Best of the Best. Love it.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  94. 3

    It can drive a crazy person sane

    Adjust is wonderful if all you want to do is make your so-so image pop and get wows from your friends. It is easy to use and will give amazing results.

    What I am unable to do is make an image look like the scene where it was shot. An underexposed image was made to just pop off the screen. But it was all wrong. It was not natural. No worries, just used Photoshop to get the proper exposure, and color balance. It looked natural, and did not pop off the screen. Just like what I wanted.

    If you want to wow your friends, buy Adjust!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  95. 4

    ecxellent tool

    I give new look to my fotos.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  96. 5

    Dramatic Color and Detail

    Topaz Adjust has added a whole new dimension to my photos, especially the “Photo Pop” function. With the finer adjustments available, you can bring a whole new emphasis to a particular image. Other adjustments can add a number of effects that give free range to your creativity.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  97. 5

    Makes All The Differance

    Adjust is easy to use and has the ability to transform a snapshot into a photograph with ease.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  98. 3


    Adjust works fine as a plug-in with Photoshop CS6 but unfortunately it will not work with Topaz photoFXlab. Until the software is made fully functional, I regret that I would not be able to recommend it to a friend

  99. 5


    I think I need to experiment more to elaborate further. However your filter integrates very well with all my PS6 Plug-ins not just the ones I have from Topaze Labs. (I am very fond of Simplify and DeNoize). All your plug-ins are easy to use and take little time to work with.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

  100. 5

    Good Job

    I use Topaz Adjust and Topaz Clarity….very good sofware, easy to use and very very good for work about my pic. I use in compleance of LRoom… I’m very happy….Thank you Topaz Labs..
    I would recommend this product to a friend

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Unlock the true potential of your photos today.

Remember that flat and boring photo you thought would be great? Re-open it and use Adjust to reveal its true potential. See for yourself how satisfying it feels when you can bring out the best in your photography.

Topaz Adjust

Reveal the magic in every shot by bringing out the dynamic contrast, detail and color.

Adjust requires a compatible host program in Mac OSX 10.6+ or Windows 7+ with > 4GB RAM.