Topaz Clarity

Flawless image definition

Create powerful photos by intelligently and naturally enhancing contrast.

  • Frank Doorhof, fashion/celebrity photographer

    "It doesn't matter if you're shooting fashion, architecture, or landscapes, micro-contrast can make your images POP. You will jump up and down in your editing chair from joy. In short, Clarity just ROCKS."

  • Jeff Clow, professional photographer

    "I'm very, very impressed. The nuances of color and light just pop from the monitor as you begin to utilize the multitude of sliders within the Clarity program. Highly recommended."

  • Mike Tomkins, Imaging Resource

    "Want to give your photos a bit of a kick without introducing ugly halos? Topaz Clarity aims to do just that, providing detailed control over a wide range of image attributes and a generous range of presets."

  • Blake Rudis, Everyday HDR

    "Clarity yields unprecedented control over every aspect of contrast. I was pleasantly surprised with its ability to recover shadow while increasing the contrast for a much edgier look."

  • Rachael Towne, Photoluminary

    "Topaz Clarity gives an amazing level of control over your image. Even Lightroom doesn't measure up when it comes to contrast/clarity adjustments."

  • Captain Photo, Essence in Photography

    "I've been using Topaz Clarity on all my processed images and always find a lovely improvement. After using it the photo really pops and, best of all... no halos!"

The easiest and most natural way to make your photos more powerful.

Use cutting-edge intelligent contrast technology to create beautiful photos completely naturally.

  • Original
  • Desaturated Grunge I
  • Soft Colors
  • Strong Contrast
  • Black And White II
  • Street Scene I
  • Desaturated Smooth I

Use 100+ beautiful and
carefully crafted presets

Spend more time shooting and less time post-processing by applying one of over 100 presets included in Topaz Clarity.

These one-click effects were specially developed and fine-tuned for specific types of photos.

Instantly add extra depth to your architecture images, wedding photos, and everything in between.

Intelligently and dynamically enhance image contrast

Have you ever blown out your highlights by increasing image contrast? You won't ever again.

Topaz Clarity uses intelligent contrast enhancement technology to increase the impact and depth of your image completely naturally.

This unique approach makes it almost impossible to create artifacts and halos - and gives you more powerful photos with less effort.

  • Original image
  • Selective Clarity result
  • Selected area

Process different parts of your image differently

Give each part of your photo special treatment with smart selective adjustments.

Use unique masking technologies like the Magic Brush and Smart Feather to make sure any adjustments you make go exactly where they need to go.

Topaz Clarity - flawless image definition.

Create powerful photos by intelligently enhancing contrast.