Topaz Fusion Express

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    Bringing it All Together

    The free Topaz Fusion Express add-on allows you to easily access your favorite Topaz enhancement programs without Photoshop.

    Now you can edit directly in Aperture, Lightroom and iPhoto. The tight integration of Fusion Express with these photo organizers eliminates a tedious extra step and keeps the entire workflow within one editor for quicker, more convenient results.

    How Can Fusion Express Help Your Workflow?

    The advantage of using Fusion Express is that you can have direct access to your Photoshop plug-ins without even opening up Photoshop. This streamlines the post processing workflow to ensure the highest level of efficiency. Allowing you to eliminate the need for exporting and importing your images every time you want to edit. More on benefits...

    How Does Fusion Express Integrate into Your Existing Workflow?

    Fusion Express is a convenient solution that access your installed Topaz Photoshop plug-ins and allows you to use them outside of Photoshop.. Fusion Express integrates perfectly into your Aperture, iPhoto and Lightroom workflows. In addition it works with the latest versions of the Topaz software. More on workflow...

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    Topaz Fusion Express allows you to do more of your image enhancement work in a centralized location and eliminates the need for tediously exporting and importing images to Photoshop. In addition, Fusion Express allows users who do not have Photoshop to still enjoy the use of Photoshop plug-ins.


    When you combine Fusion Express with any of the compatible Topaz plug-ins you gain instant access to your image enhancement tools. Fusion Express fuses the simplicity, versatility and vibrancy of your favorite Topaz Photoshop plug-ins with the convenience of Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom and Apple iPhoto to give you total control over your post processing workflow.


    The full power of Photoshop is not always necessary for every image, however often there are certain tools that are key to your image's personality. Fusion Express allows you to switch up your post processing tasks and easily make adjustments from any point of your workflow. You can quickly correct or enhance any images right in your Aperture, Lightroom or iPhoto program.


    Fusion Express means that you don't have to open Photoshop at all in order to edit with Topaz. Instead, maintain all of your post processing tasks in Aperture, Lightroom and iPhoto using the superior workflow integration offered by using Fusion Express. The simplified workflow combined with the easy to use Topaz enhancement plug-ins will keep your efforts minimal and your results amplified.

    No matter what type of photography you do, easy and convenient tools can significantly improve your workflow.
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    The Topaz suite of plug-ins greatly extends the functionality of existing Aperture, Lightroom, and iPhoto adjustments.

    Quickly make just the edits you need without interrupting your workflow.

    1. Import Image

    Import photo into host program like normal and use Topaz Fusion Express to access any Topaz Photoshop plug-in with full functionality.


    2. Use Preset, then Fine Tune Your Settings

    Each Topaz plug-in comes with a set of default presets that can act as a great starting point for any photo. Often, using a single preset will be all you need to optimally enhance your images. After applying a preset to your image, use the sliders in the tool panel on the right hand side of the interface to tweak your settings to perfection.


    3.Save Your Image Back to Your Host Program.

    Once you are happy with your adjustments you can save your settings. Click OK to process your image and return to your host program.


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    Hover over each example for a quick look at the After photo, or click it for a larger version of the before/after.

    We'd love to see your photos here! To submit a photo for inclusion on our website, send the Before and After shot to submit[at]

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    Customer Thoughts

    "Oh my god! This is incredible. Thank you Eric and the Topaz team. I'd been using Photoshop primarily to use the Topaz plug-ins. Now I can do 90% of my activities within Aperture."

    - Hagen

    "That is sooooooo awesome, thanks! I love my Topaz filters but really hated the export/import Photoshop and back hassles, this will be wonderful."

    - Tom Twigg

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    • Requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
      (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • Requires at least 1GB RAM, preferably more.
    • Compatible with Lightroom 2-4.


    • Requires Intel-based Mac OSX 10.4-10.7.
      PowerPC processors like G4 or G5 are not supported.
    • Requires at least 1GB RAM, preferably more.
    • Compatible with iPhoto, Aperture 2 & 3 and Lightroom 2-4.

    Use Topaz Fusion Express to access Adjust, DeNoise, B&W Effects, Star Effects, Lens Effects, Detail, InFocus, Simplify, Clean or DeJPEG.

    Topaz ReMask is NOT compatible with Fusion Express.