Topaz ReMask

Masking made easy

The quickest and easiest way to extract a subject from your photo.

  • Bob Nolin, Digital Image Magazine

    "If you're looking for an easy and fast masking tool that won't break the bank, I think you'll like ReMask. Overall, it's a great product that performs nearly miraculously even in the worst situations."

  • Garmahis

    "An extraction tool on steroids which works easily and fast, ReMask can save you tons of time and effort. It's a highly efficient product which makes time-consuming masking operations a breeze."

  • Ron Martinsen

    "When it comes to saving time, nothing is more useful than a tool that keeps you from manually masking fine edges. This is why ReMask is a great investment and a heck of a value for its price."

  • Michele McDonough, Bright Hub

    "If you've been looking for an easier way to change backgrounds or extract objects, ReMask is more than worth the investment. In addition to being easy to use, ReMask gives excellent results."

  • Eric Harding

    "I had to go buy the product… this is a no-brainer. ReMask is very easy to use, very efficient at creating masks, and I'm using it more and more."

  • John Melton Bend Photography

    "WOW! Far and away the BEST masking program I've ever used – nothing else even comes close!"

  • Scott Ulrich, Toniught Show with Jay Leno

    "We often have to create photomontages with unbelievably tight deadlines. ReMask takes a 20 minute task and gets it done in about 90 seconds! It literally saves us hours of work."

The lightning-fast masking software that needs no instruction manual.

Cutting out parts of your image should be quick and painless. That's why we made ReMask.


Masking shouldn't take forever, with endless tweaking and adjusting. ReMask gets the job done in a shockingly short amount of time, while requiring a bare minimum of your input.

How Fast


No need to go through all kinds of steps and procedures to get a great mask. Just quickly paint image features to tell ReMask what you want to cut out... and then sit back and relax.

How Easy


Don't sacrifice power for speed. The formidable technology in ReMask also makes it one of the best tools for handling tough situations like hair, transparency, and similar-color backgrounds.

How Good


1. Paint areas to process

Use simple but intelligent brush tools to quickly paint over what you want to keep and what you want to cut.

2. Apply in ReMask

Hit "Apply", and the technology in ReMask instantly creates a sophisticated mask of your subject.

3. Refine as needed

If your mask needs more work, use ReMask's robust refinement technology (video) to perfect it.

Masking shouldn't be scary or difficult. We designed ReMask from the ground up to be as simple as possible – but no simpler. Although you can learn how to use it in just a few minutes, ReMask also excels at tackling worst-case masking scenarios that other methods can't touch.


Replace backgrounds

Seamlessly replace drab backgrounds to make your photo more exciting. Make your subject stand out.

Reposition subjects

Fix composition mistakes: Scott Stulberg wanted the model centered, so he did it afterwards with ReMask.

Adjust selectively

Easily enhance the subject's contrast, color, and more to make it stand out without affecting the background.

Create compositions

Make realistic photo composites by easily combining parts of multiple images into a single photo.

Masking is an essential part of the photography workflow, but it's often more time-consuming and difficult than it has to be. Solve this problem once and for all: use the technology in Topaz ReMask to create sophisticated masks without spending all day doing it.

Topaz ReMask - masking made easy.

The easiest way to extract a subject from your photo.