Topaz Vivacity

Vivacity is one of our Topaz Legacy programs and is Not available for sale or trial.

Topaz Vivacity History and Overview

Topaz Vivacity is one of our original Photoshop plug-ins, which offers a variety of image enhancement and improvement tools. At this time we have
discontinued the sale and trials of Vivacity, so that we can make room for some of the new and exciting product releases that are coming up.
Please feel free to view the features of Vivacity which set the foundation for all of the Topaz products, and has lead to the development of many
of the programs included in what is now know as the Topaz Photoshop plug-in bundle.
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High-quality noise removal

Many noise removal techniques remove image information as well as noise. The wavelet-based filter in Vivacity offers quick and effective noise reduction that does not destroy detail. Learn more about the new Topaz DeNoise.

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Sharpen and reconstruct edges

Bring out every little detail in your image. Topaz Vivacity cleanly sharpens edges without aliasing, edge ringing, or noise amplification. The unique smoothing function offers high-quality results in the delicate process of sharpening. Learn more about the new Topaz InFocus.

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Unique Line and edge Effects

Create interesting and artistic line and edge effects using a combination of the Clean and Sharpen filters in Topaz Vivacity. Learn more about the new Topaz Clean.

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JPEG artifact removal

Topaz Vivacity includes a proprietary JPEG artifact removal tool that quickly and effectively recovers edges, takes out checkerboarding, and removes mosquito noise. Learn more about the new Topaz DeJPEG.

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Enlarge without loss of sharpness or detail

Use Topaz Vivacity to blow up the size of any image without loss of quality or detail. The resulting quality is much better than standard bicubic interpolation used in leading pixel-wrangling applications like Photoshop; edges stay intact and details stay sharp.