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Topaz Labs is a privately owned company with offices in Dallas and Austin, TX.

We use the most advanced developments in imaging technology to create powerful software products for photographers.

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Our Mission

We strive to make the finest photo editing experience you can find

We believe the best products are capable to get out of the way, allow a user to focus on their task at hand, and complete their task painlessly. It's a marriage of technology, usabilty and overall experience that allows it all to work.

To achieve that at Topaz Labs, we work continuously to improve every aspect of our business, from our customer service to our website to our products to the technology that power them. We firmly believe that the only way to create great products is to learn and constantly improve upon them, and so we release many updates that enhance the functionality and usability of the software.

Our Values

Our customers are our priority

It’s true, everything we value boils down to satisfying our customers. Without out happy customers we wouldn’t be in business and we remember that.

Striving to be the Best

As pioneers in this industry for over 30 years we’ve seen the technology change and evolve. As time goes by, we aim to stay ahead of the curve. We use the best technology available and more often than not develop new technologies that aren’t available anywhere else.

Affordable for Everyone

People often ask us how we sell our plug-ins at such low prices and give so many free updates. Here’s how: We rely on satisfied customers as our primary form of advertisement. Because we place our money into giving our customers more value rather than buying ad space, we’re able to keep costs down.

Free Upgrades for Life

We firmly believe that the only way to create great products is to constantly improve them, and so we release many updates that enhance the functionality of our software. All these upgrades, even the major ones, have been completely free of charge.

Customer Support that Rocks

That’s right unlimited customer support. Whether you need help installing, have questions about using our products, or want to make a return we’ve got you covered. Just send us a ticket anytime and we’ll work to resolve your issue.

The Team

Software made by photographers for photographers

The Topaz team is comprised of veteran software developers, designers, imaging specialists, media specialists, professional photographers, photography connoisseurs and Photoshop experts.

Dr. Albert Yang, Founder and President

A long-time entrepreneur and an expert in video and signal processing he founded the company in 2005. Prior to Topaz Labs, Dr. Yang co-founded a Silicon Valley semiconductor company, Fortemedia Inc. and served as its CTO. Early on Dr. Yang also served as CTO of Techwell, Inc, a video enhancement semiconductor company which successfully went IPO (TWLL Nasdaq) in 2006.

Contact Us

Have a question? Please get ahold of us

For General Information: info [at] topazlabs.com
For Product Support: help [at] topazlabs.com
Or visit the help center
Fax: (972) 499-1061
Mailing Address: 14285 Midway Road, Suite 125
Addison, TX 75001 U.S.A.
Business Hours: 8:30AM - 5:30PM CST Mon-Fri