Apply Topaz effects quickly and efficiently

with the Topaz photoFXlab standalone software

Apply any of your Topaz effects from a searchable library. Use InstaTone, a great way to pick, click, and stick any tonal inspiration to your image.

The Ultimate Topaz Workshop

Ready to experience Topaz in a new way? A standalone application that can also be accessed as a plug-in, photoFXlab™ is the ultimate hub for all things Topaz.

With instant access to all of the Topaz plug-ins, photoFXlab™ easily connects you to all of your Topaz effects in a searchable library. Featuring a layered workflow with masking capabilities, selective enhancement brushes with edge-aware technology and a fun new way to InstaTone™ your images, photoFXlab™ is the new way to experience Topaz.

Streamline your Topaz workflow.

With a synergized workspace dedicated to your favorite Topaz tools, photoFXlab™ complements your existing Topaz workflow - giving you the perfect Topaz workshop to create stunning photos. Built for convenience, flexibility and simplicity, photoFXlab™ will help boost productivity and transform the way you edit with Topaz.

Instantly Apply Effects

Use the searchable effects library to explore and apply presets without having to access your plug-ins. With over 500 effects, the possibilities are endless!

Quick Access to Plug-ins

And if you want to make your own effects, photoFXlab™ offers speedy access to all of your Topaz plug-ins.

Convenient Editing

Refine your enhancements using the convenient adjustment sliders and editing tools, featuring the new IntelliColor technology.

InstaTone technology.

Instantly apply tone to your images using the new InstaTone™ technology, a toning module that allows you to quickly apply a tone from another photo to yours. With several image libraries, finding inspiration is easy and fun!

Step 1: Take your original image into the InstaTone module.

Step 2: Explore the different image libraries and get inspired! See something you like? Just click on any image to see how the tone is applied to your image.

Step 3: Apply the tone from your inspirational image to your own image.

Step 4: Use the convenient editing tools and blending options in the layers palette to create a stunning image! 

Edge-Aware Brushes

Masking and selective adjustments are a breeze in photoFXlab™, thanks to the edge-aware brushes. Selective adjustment brushes included in the program are Dodge/Burn, Saturation and Smooth/Detail…just set the edge awareness strength and easily brush in adjustments exactly where you need them.


Here's some examples of Topaz photoFXlab in action.
Hover for 'before', click for larger version.

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    The Best

    I use Topaz every day, I have used a lot of other programs and experimented with others. I still come back to Topaz. cos It’s easy and works well especially ReMask4 which is the best for cutting out hair.the layers and the brushes is a god send when you learn how to use them. Most of my work is with 3D erotic modeling. I can not live with out the Dynamic control that helps bring out the shades and skin tone. I still keep an old version for the pixel resolution button which was removed in latest version–You need it if your sending your pics to a 3rd party printing co.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

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  3. 5

    The best there is!

    Since discovering TopazFXlab plugins, I haven’t used other software much at all. I have the standalone software with all the plugins and it transforms your photos into works of art, cleaner images, great tones, and beautiful simplicity. So easy to use, the layers are super good and the masking tools are incredible when you learn how to use them. Definitely recommend…..all the plugins.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

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The one-stop Topaz workshop for photo effects.

Easily apply great effects to your photos and achieve special looks.

Topaz photoFXlab

Standalone editor for quick application of image edits and Topaz effects.

"I highly recommend photoFXlab to anyone looking to better their photographs in the most efficient way possible. It contains everything you need to transform 'eh...' photos into 'ooooh!' photos."

Topaz photoFXlab requires a compatible host program in Mac OSX 10.6+ or Windows 7+ with > 4GB RAM.