Substantially increase JPEG image quality

with Topaz DeJPEG.

Eliminate JPEG compression artifacts and mosquito noise. Recover image information from damaged JPEGs.

Create high-quality JPEGs without compression artifacts

Topaz DeJPEG gives you the ability to improve the quality of your JPEG images. DeJPEG eliminates JPEG compression artifacts, which occur as a result of saving an image in the JPEG format, allowing your image detail and color to be restored.

DeJPEG's underlying algorithm examines the entire image and removes all artifacts while preserving detail and enhancing an image's natural qualities. It targets all aspects of JPEG quality including sharpness, noise, and color integrity. The sophisticated tools in Topaz DeJPEG ensure that any processed JPEG image appears clear, clean, and crisp. Topaz DeJPEG is simply the best way to make the most out of your compressed JPEG photos.


  • Ability to restore color and detail to image features.
  • Intelligent color and line enhancement.
  • Preserves image integrity.
  • Eliminates typical jpeg image distortions that degrade image quality.

About JPEG artifacts

JPEG photos often have many problems, displayed in the pink graphic to the right. Notice the mosquito noise around the edges, the image "checkerboarding" in the middle, and the color degradation. Every single JPEG image exhibits these characteristics to some degree.

Topaz DeJPEG is designed to remove these artifacts without removing image detail. In fact, Topaz DeJPEG is the theoretically optimal way to eliminate these compression artifacts.

Optimal high-quality results

Use DeJPEG to ensure that any batch of high-quality JPEGs look just as good as if they were shot it in RAW.

Perfect for web-ready images

Designers who work with web images find DeJPEG invaluable for rescuing otherwise unusable pieces of stock photography.

Sharpen color edges

One of the most popular uses of DeJPEG is to counteract unwanted color "bleeding" and information loss that occurs even in high-quality JPEG images. Topaz DeJPEG's color sharpening and edge restoration tools actually reconstruct softened color edges, bringing out previously unseen image details and restoring sharpness to damaged edges. This is highly useful in many Photoshop tasks like masking and also makes the image look much cleaner in general.

Turns low-quality shots into high-quality keepers

Point and shoot and camera phone users take advantage of DeJPEG's extensive artifact reduction capabilities to enhance the quality of their snapshots.


Here's some examples of Topaz DeJPEG in action.
Click to compare the before and after.

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  1. 1

    What Does it do?

    I’ve tried it on several JPEGs with problem and can’t see any difference.

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    • Larry,
      Thanks for trying Topaz products! DeJPEG is a program that will process your images to remove JPEG artifacts. You can see examples of exactly what it does in the examples section of the DeJPEG page here:

      We also created a video that goes over the differences between JPEG artifacts and noise which might be helpful to you here:

      If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at

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  2. 5

    Topaz DeJPEG

    Topaz DeJPEG – Another great Topaz plugin. If I was not on a fixed retirement income, I would own all of the Topaz plugins !!! Thanks to Topaz…
    I would recommend this product to a friend

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  3. 5

    Quality finish to images

    Using DeJPEG it gives my images a professional quality finish. I do most of my work in RAW and when it comes to converting to JPG format for web display their was a noticeable loss in quality. But by adding Topaz DeJPEG into the work flow it has made a noticeable difference to the displayed image. Would highly recommend this product to everyone.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

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  4. 4

    Artifact Killer

    I used DeJPG on some digital painting pictures I had saved numerous time after coming again to it for adding détails, forgotting I saved it as JPG (an oversight to begin with). The paintings were totally wrecked with mosaïc arctifacting.
    DeJPG recovered them on the first try, after around only 20 minutes of experimenting with the sliders. The product is wonderful.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

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  5. 5

    Easy to use and Outstanding results!!!

    I am not what what you would call possessing photo editing savvy! However, the short tutorial and intuitive interface make DeJPEG easy and fast to use. The results are outstanding. I took many, many JPEGs with my 2.1MP camera on a trip to Maui in 2003. Printing at 8X10 had issues, even with limited processing. Purchased this product just to try to improve these photo’s. The results were amazing! Although I shoot RAW now, i have many older JPEGs that have new life and quality due to DeJPEG. Thank you TOPAZ LABS!
    I would recommend this product to a friend

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  6. 5

    Tire than I imagined

    Not every jpg gets major benefit, but this has helped more than I expected. In fact, I changed my workflow and am niw using it first followed up by deNoise on old scanned photos, slides and pictures shot in low light, high ISO.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

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  7. 4

    The software is easy to use and is afordable

    I have only used the program for a short period of time but it does improve the image quality. I will be using this product more often in the future. I have been using many of the Topaz plug ins and they are awsome! Thank you so much Topaz Labs.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

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  8. 5

    Topaz Products it is easy to use and delivers even more than I expected

    As with most of Topaz products, it is easy to use and delivers more than I expected
    I would recommend this product to a friend

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  9. 5

    worth every penny

    This product is worth this investment to see the difference in each photo.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

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  10. 5

    A significant process that actually works!

    So far I own 4 of the Topaz Scripts & I use all them. I do not normally purchase add-on scripts, but I made the exception with the Topaz series of scripts.

    Most of my portfolio is mostly landscape, wildlife, panorama, time lapse, night time landscape & time lapse along with astrophotography using DSLR’s & CCD cameras.
    My daytime photography usually entails motion, contrasting colors & ultra fine detail, my night time photographic efforts are more demanding. I have been using PSP since day 1, never buying into Adobe’s products.

    Once I am done performing linear & non linear processing of astronomical photos using a FITS file editor, I reformat the final version into tiff & Jpeg file formats. When I make the transformation in PSP, I use the Topaz Dejpeg as a final touch script to get the best available result in jpeg format for online use.

    During my PSP finishing process I have added the Topaz Clarity, Adjust & Detail scripts to that process & I like the new results it gives me. Originally I thought they would work well for my daytime subjects however they are working very well with my astrophotography.

    All in all, I will probably end up purchasing the entire bundle a couple of scripts at a time. As a disabled person on a set monthly budget, these things take time to purchase.

    All in all, I’m happy with the product & I don’t say that too much about many programs, but like PSP, I like the under dogs. They usually rise to the top in the long run.

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    Thank you for your feedback!
  11. 5

    Great for photos from older cameras

    DeJpeg works like a charm in cleaning up the artifacts from my images generated by a couple of my older, low rez cameras which only offered JPEG compression.
    It is also most useful when enlarging JPEGed images from the internet.
    I’m glad to have this software. Thank you.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

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  12. 5

    Really useful

    Really useful when all you have to work with is an over-compressed or under-sized JPEG file. Does a wonderful job of smoothing out compression artefacts.
    I would recommend this product to a friend

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  13. 5

    Topaz DeJPEG

    Please excuse me from this o review! I am in the wee-early stages of this and others i have bought! Will be happy to say that I enjoy the learning and look forward to some expedited form of “Expert” when through!

    It’s all very amazing to see and try to learn the tweak process! Mine blowing stages in-between! Love it
    I would recommend this product to a friend

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Easily create higher-quality JPEGs.

Remove JPEG compression artifacts and mosquito noise, and recover image information from damaged JPEG files to make your photos look better.

Topaz DeJPEG

Remove JPEG compression artifacts and recover image detail for better JPEGs.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Topaz DeJPEG: I used it for a client project and it made a world of difference."

Topaz DeJPEG requires a compatible host program in Mac OSX 10.6+ or Windows 7+ with > 4GB RAM.