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We’re using AI to build a world where photos and videos are enhanced,
sharpened, and production-ready before anyone even sees them.
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We’re a small team that loves what we do and values craftsmanship and quality over all else. Imagine being able to hone your craft, be it software engineering, design, deep learning research, or anything else, without any bureaucracy whatsoever. How great can you become? What problems could you solve for your peers and our customers? Could you produce a masterpiece?
If so, you’re in the right place–and in good company. Our team includes startup founders, Ph.D researchers, mathematicians, athletes, and musicians. Lots of photographers, too. We push the boundaries of what’s possible, not just for our technology, but for ourselves. We ship fast, learn from our mistakes, and don’t take ourselves too seriously (just ask Ryan Gosling). We’ve grown revenue by 1,200% since 2018, but we’re just now hitting our stride. Where we go from here is up to you!
Some of the unique ways photographers, designers, and
other creatives use our technology.
What makes Topaz Labs a rare place to work?
Saying my job at Topaz Labs is fantastic is an understatement. The independence and trust Topaz Labs gives me allows me to do my job productively and achieve any goal I put my mind to.
- Yazi Saradest
- qa manager
Topaz Labs gave me a real sense of ownership with the apps we develop. Developers have freedom in how to tackle problems, what to add, how to add it, etc. Also the people here are great.
- Adam mains
- Engineering Tech Lead
Working at Topaz Labs has been the highlight of my 20+ year career. I have so much autonomy, room for creativity, and growth. It's challenging but so rewarding!
- Hillary fox
- product marketing manager
We’re a small team of builders obsessed with crafting a magical product by solving difficult problems for real people. It won’t be easy or relaxing here, but you’ll be amazed by how much impact you can have and how much you can learn.
- Eric yang
- ceo
Deep learning inference is usually far slower than comparable processing methods, but users love fast.
The experimental nature of deep learning defies the traditional software development lifecycle.
There’s inherent tension between cutting-edge AI vs. user experience.
AI is transformative but also difficult and finicky to work with – especially on consumer desktop computers. It’s one thing to reproduce a few impressive results from a paper somewhere. It’s much more difficult to build production-ready software loved by creatives all over the world.
The “black box” nature of deep learning models means we often can’t predict or explain certain unexpected results.
Customers have hundreds of hardware combinations which significantly impacts how well our products perform on their computers.
We're just getting started.
Our product and user focus has helped us double our impact every year, but we’re still far from where we can be. Accelerating growth means exciting projects and unbounded opportunities for the folks who work here. You’ll be able to make a fundamental impact on our products and culture while quickly growing your own skillset.
*Chart shows actual trailing revenue until December 2022.
Gigapixel AI
We launched Gigapixel AI, the first AI image upscaler, it quickly caught the attention of creatives worldwide.
DeNoise AI
Sharpen AI
We applied the same approach to photo noise reduction and sharpening with DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI.
Video Enhance AI
Video Enhance AI redefined video upscaling, our customers have used it to rickroll people in 4k, post-process Hollywood movies, and more.
Topaz Photo AI
Topaz Video AI
Our latest products Topaz Photo AI and Topaz Video AI maximize image and video quality with zero clicks. Join us to write the next chapter together!
Open Roles
Deep Learning Researcher
Dallas, TX