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Add a creative touch to your family holiday photos

Brian Matiash
December 22, 2021
Time to read:
4 Minutes

Create more memorable family holiday photos

We're rapidly approaching the end of the year when people all over the world celebrate holidays like Hannukah, Christmas, and New Years Day with their friends and families. I imagine that LOTS of new family photos will be taken and thought that it'd be fun to share a quick tutorial to add some extra pop using Adobe Photoshop. It's worth pointing out that any photo editing app that supports layers, layer blending, and layer masking will yield similar results.Also, as you'll see in the video (and with the sample photo below), this family Christmas photo suffers from excessive noise. Fortunately, DeNoise AI is more than up to the task and gets rid of it with ease.After you finish watching the video, you can download both images that I used in case you want to practice these techniques yourself. I hope you enjoy the video and want to wish all of you the very happiest holiday and new year! See you in 2022!

Download the sample images

To download the full resolution versions of both images, click to open them in the lightbox view, then right-click and save them to your computer.

Sample family holiday photo
Bokeh image to use as an overlay

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Brian Matiash

Brian Matiash is a South Florida photo educator who serves enthusiast photographers looking to grow their landscape, travel, and wildlife skills. Learn more on his website and YouTube.