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Gigapixel AI v5.6: Major usability improvements and faster performance

Brian Matiash
August 25, 2021
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You may not know this, but Gigapixel AI is our most popular—and most used—application. That's why we are very deliberate about adding new features only after we've thoroughly tested them. You'll often see new features and improvements first release with DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI. We do this intentionally because it allows us to incubate and mature these new features. We closely monitor how our users interact with these new features and when we fully refine them, we build them into Gigapixel AI.

That's what the Gigapixel AI v5.6 update is all about! Let's take a look at the highlights of this update.

Gigapixel AI v5.6 at a glance

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Release Notes

New Comparison View for convenient AI model comparison

We've heard that the new Comparison View is a game-changer in the way users select the ideal AI model for their photos in DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI. That's why we're bringing Comparison View to Gigapixel AI with a new improvement.

Comparison View displays up to three different AI models simultaneously, letting you decide which one works best with your photos. We also ported a new feature from Video Enhance AI that allows you to view the same AI model in all three quadrants using varying parameters. Now, it's even easier to fine-tune model settings and choose the most optimal result.

We've also added the Split view to Gigapixel AI, giving you even more options to compare the results of the selected AI model.

Improved color and tone processing for RAW and DNG files

We're moving towards providing more accurate color and tones when loading your RAW and DNG files in Gigapixel AI.

When you open a RAW or DNG file in Gigapixel AI v5.6 as a standalone app, we will apply the appropriate DCP camera profile if available and an improved tone curve. Gigapixel AI will not apply these corrections when accessed from Adobe Lightroom Classic or Photoshop.

And this is just the beginning. We're working on even more ways to improve RAW handling and color accuracy in Gigapixel AI. (Note: DCP profile and tone curve will not be saved when outputting as DNG)

Here are some photos illustrating the color and tone improvements when opening RAW and DNG files in Gigapixel AI v5.6 as a standalone app.

Original Photo | © Matt Kloskowski
Processed RAW | © Matt Kloskowski
Original photo | © Matt Kloskowski
Processed RAW | © Matt Kloskowski

Overhauled AI model downloads

We designed Gigapixel AI to download optimized models "on the fly" to avoid giant file sizes for our app installer. Unfortunately, a frequent pain point our users with slow internet connections have expressed involves the experience when downloading these optimized models in Gigapixel AI.

With Gigapixel AI v5.6, you'll experience an improved and more convenient workflow when downloading optimized models. A new progress bar will indicate the file size to download the AI models. You also can cancel a download at any time and will no longer be prevented from taking other actions within the app during download.

Performance and UI improvements

This next update promises to bring serious performance improvements for A LOT of Gigapixel AI users! One of the most common causes for slow performance is not choosing the ideal AI processor option in the Gigapixel AI preferences. If your computer has a powerful GPU, you may not get maximum performance because the default AI processor setting has been "CPU." With Gigapixel AI v5.6, we've added a new default "Auto" option that automatically chooses the ideal AI processor setting based on your computer hardware and the model you select. When using the optimal AI processor setting that "Auto" selects, you should experience significant performance improvements.

We've also streamlined the previewing process in Gigapixel AI, providing a more enjoyable user experience. You'll no longer be distracted by that big Cancel button in the middle of the screen with each preview update. We've also moved the processing status bar to the AI model label and improved the auto-update preview experience.


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