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Topaz Video AI v3.0.7 - Improved model quality, better codec support, and smoother app experience

Brian Matiash
December 13, 2022
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9 Minutes

Topaz Video AI v3.0.7—and all of the weekly updates since launching v3.0—delivers many performance and stability improvements, including optimizations that improve model quality and make the app run more smoothly. We’ve also improved codec and GPU driver support.

Update to the latest version [ macOS | Windows ] of Topaz Video AI to take advantage of these helpful performance improvements.

Improved model quality

We’ve updated how some of our models work, which improves export video quality. Our AI models perform best when the input video frames or image sequences are similar to the media used for training in terms of content, artifacts, color space (e.g. YUV, RGB, BGR), and other variables. With Topaz Video AI v3.0.7, the AI models will receive the input media in the same color space that they were trained on, thereby increasing video quality.

Better codec and GPU driver support

Mac users will now experience improved quality when exporting videos using h.264, h.265, and h.265 Main 10 encoders, and we added support for the AV1 encoder on Intel ARC GPUs. We also improved support of h.265 encoders for NVIDIA GTX GPUs.

Smoother app experience

We’ve implemented many bug fixes and optimizations to make Topaz Video AI run more smoothly across a wider range of hardware. Some of the more notable benefits involve:

  • Resolving instances where the UI wouldn’t load consistently
  • Fixing issues preventing a user from logging into the app
  • Improving the speed of model downloads
  • Making image sequence imports and exports more reliable

We’ve also redesigned the app’s Preferences window layout to be easier to navigate and have made error messages more helpful by providing possible solutions to consider.

Try Topaz Video AI for free today

In addition to these improvements, our Topaz Video AI product roadmap outlines what we're actively working on, including enhancing performance, the preview experience, and model quality. If you haven’t tried Topaz Video AI yet, be sure to download your free trial to experience all of these improvements and see how much better your video quality can get.

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Brian Matiash

Brian Matiash is a South Florida photo educator who serves enthusiast photographers looking to grow their landscape, travel, and wildlife skills. Learn more on his website and YouTube.