Sharpen AI | Case Study

Fashion photographers use Sharpen AI to deliver the highest quality images.

Professional fashion photographers travel the world producing images for clients who demand pixel perfection.

This case study sheds light on why top fashion photographers like Anna Dabrowska have added Sharpen AI to their photography workflow to deliver the absolute best results.

sharpen AI

Fashion photographer Anna Dabrowska rescued images 
with Sharpen  AI.

Anna Dabrowska has been in the fashion and beauty photography industry for 20 years, with her work featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, and more. She splits her time between Paris and Cape Town, shooting campaigns for international brands.

With so much industry experience, why would a high-end fashion photographer need a software tool for "rescuing" missed-focus images and enhancing details?

It turns out, even veteran photographers need Sharpen AI in their photo-editing toolbox to ensure every image they deliver meets the high standards of discerning clients.

“Sharpen AI reimagines your photo. It handles both lens softness and motion blur. I haven't seen any other software do that while still keeping natural texture...”

Anna Dabrowska
Fashion Photographer
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When a fashion photoshoot goes wrong, your reputation is on the line.

Anna Dabrowska knows the pressure of shooting for high-end clients — ”In this industry, a technical error can jeopardize your entire image as a photographer. Clients pay for, and expect, perfection.”

Anna recalls her most disastrous photoshoot that cost her hundreds of images.

“I had just purchased a new 50mm Sigma Art lens in Paris, and shipped it off to Sigma France along with my Canon 5D for professional calibration. As soon as I received my gear, I hopped on a plane to Cape Town with no time to spare. Little did I know... the manufacturer botched the job.”

Confident that her photo gear had been calibrated by experts, Anna arrived in South Africa and immediately jumped into photo production.

Cape Town is a popular hub for the commercial photo and film industry. Thousands of photographers, filmmakers, stylists, makeup artists, and models flock to this idyllic peninsula each season to produce. With so many pros coming and going, schedules are tight and opportunities are limited.

“I met with a model I had really wanted to work with, and it was her last day in South Africa. Because we were shooting on a rocky outcropping along the coastline, I couldn’t bring my monitor to tether my camera during the shoot. From the back of my camera, everything looked perfect. It was only when I got back to my desk that I realized my Sigma lens had been miscalibrated—it was shooting soft. I had unknowingly missed focus on the entire photo shoot. And there was zero chance for a do-over.”

Anna Dabrowska
Fashion Photographer

Sharpen AI rescues an entire fashion photoshoot.

Sharpen AI

Sharpen AI rescues an entire fashion photoshoot.

After walking away with hundreds of missed-focus images, Anna was convinced the shoot was ruined.

“I archived everything, because soft focus ruins a shoot. Photoshop can’t recover missed focus. You can always recognize that ‘over-sharpened’ look, and at full resolution the image will lose detail and texture.”

A friend introduced Anna to Sharpen AI, and she was blown away by the results.

“Sharpen AI uses cutting-edge tech that ‘reimagines’ your photo. So you can recover from motion blur, camera shake, missed focus, lens softness—all of it—without that fake, over-sharpened look. Sharpen AI retains skin texture, which is critical to my high-end work where every pixel will be examined and judged by my clients. It is now a part of my workflow.”


Sharpen AI can help improve your fashion photography, too.

With an entire shoot now rescued with the help of Topaz Labs, Anna has now incorporated Sharpen AI into her photo editing workflows to help ensure she always delivers the best results to her clients after a shoot. You can see some of the improvements to her images after Sharpen AI below.


Correct missed focus

Restore detail to images with slightly-missed or soft focus, without over-sharpening natural textures.

Sharpen AI

Eliminate motion blur

Eliminate motion blur caused by fast-moving subjects while bringing out the fine detail in fabrics.

Sharpen AI

Recover from camera shake

Eliminate motion blur caused by fast-moving subjects while bringing out the fine detail in fabrics.

Sharpen AI

Sharpen soft edges and details

Replace thick, fuzzy edges of soft focus with clean, sharp lines and razor-sharp detail.

Sharpen AI

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