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How to get even better panning photos with Sharpen AI

Brian Matiash
July 8, 2021
Time to read:
16 Minutes

How to get amazing panning photos

Panning with a moving subject is one of the best—and most fun—ways to convey a sense of dynamic action unlike any other technique. It’s especially impactful to pair panning with wildlife photography and sports photography, but there are all sorts of creative ways to apply it to everyday photography, too! While there are ways to fake motion during post production, you gain a new level of appreciation when you put the time in to capture that motion in camera.

While viewers usually marvel over the sense of motion conveyed by the blurry background, what always stops them in their tracks is when you juxtapose it with a tack sharp primary subject… which isn’t an easy thing to do straight out of camera.

Just about any time I practice panning photography, the bulk of my photos are culled and marked for deletion. They’re just no good. With the few (and I do mean few) keepers that I do get, every single one of them needs just a bit more help to make them pop. That’s where Sharpen AI comes in.

© Brian Matiash
© Brian Matiash

We’ll be sharing our tips for getting great panning photos in future posts but for now, we want to show you how you can get that extra snap using Sharpen AI and its powerful built-in masking tools. When you finish watching the video, download a free trial of Sharpen AI and try it with your panning photos!

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Brian Matiash

Brian Matiash is a South Florida photo educator who serves enthusiast photographers looking to grow their landscape, travel, and wildlife skills. Learn more on his website and YouTube.