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Introducing Video Enhance AI v2.6: Native Apple M1 silicon support, improved AI models, and much more

Brian Matiash
November 9, 2021
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Video Enhance AI v2.6 at a glance

  • Native Apple M1 silicon support - Experience a 20-30% performance boost compared to the previous version that required Rosetta emulation.
  • New Chronos Fast AI model - Built for high-resolution video clips with fast motion, delivering 2-3x faster performance than the current Chronos v2 AI model.
  • New Proteus, Artemis, and Dione AI models - Optimized to be about 30% faster on Windows computers while providing improved quality compared to previous models. Refinements to these AI models also increase video quality compared to previous versions.
  • Lots of usability improvements and bug fixes - We’ve made many improvements to our AI engine for improved speed and stability across a wider range of hardware, as well as including several helpful usability improvements.

Download Video Enhance AI v2.6

Windows | macOS

Release Notes

Native Apple M1 silicon support

While Video Enhance AI has worked on Apple’s new integrated M1 System on a Chip architecture using Rosetta emulation, we’re now excited to offer native support for the latest generation of Apple M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max computers. Apple M1 users can expect a 20-30% performance boost across the board when compared to using Rosetta emulation, as well as significant gains when compared to Intel-equivalent machines. Here is a chart illustrating the performance gains across several Apple computer configurations.

New Chronos Fast AI model

We introduced the Chronos model to provide exceptional quality when slowing footage down (up to 2000%), as well as converting the frame rate of your video clips. Both of these frame interpolation processes can be very processor-intensive and could take a long time to complete. The new Chronos Fast model addresses this speed issue by analyzing larger blocks in each frame, which is especially helpful for high-resolution videos beyond HD (think 4K and 8K clips). As a result, the new Chronos Fast model provides an impressive 2-3x faster processing. Here are two charts illustrating the processing speed increase of Chronos Fast on both Mac and Windows machines, as well as a clip slowed down by 400% while also increasing the frame rate to 60 FPS.

New Proteus, Artemis, and Dione models

One of our chief goals when training updates to our AI models is to provide faster processing times and improve fine-tuned details for better frame quality. This updated training helps to reduce artifacts and improve details when compared to previous versions. That is why we have optimized new Proteus, Artemis, and Dione models, all of which now deliver 20-30% faster performance for Windows-based GPU-enabled machines. We are also working hard to bring similar performance improvements to our Mac users soon.

Lots of usability improvements and bug fixes

We’ve tightened up a lot of usability issues to make Video Enhance AI more stable and reliable. You will now be provided with a much more accurate ETA estimate when performing video processes in the timeline. We’ve also improved the consistency of maintaining model parameters when using batch processing, along with a number of other functional improvements.

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Brian Matiash

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