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Sharpen AI v3.2: Updated AI models, improved masking, better RAW color processing, and more

Brian Matiash
August 4, 2021
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Release Notes

Sharpen AI v3.2 at a glance

  • Major improvements to existing AI models - Motion Blur / Very Blurry v2 now covers 1.5x more motion blur and Too Soft / Very Blurry v2 further reduces artifacts.
  • Usability improvements to in-app masking - Additional keyboard shortcuts, realtime display of brush strokes, color and opacity customizations for overlays, and more.
  • Improved color and tone processing for RAW and DNG files – When available, Sharpen AI will apply a camera-specific color profile as well as provide improved overall color accuracy.
  • Performance and UI improvements – Numerous bug fixes and usability improvements for an even better user experience

Major improvements to existing AI models

© Matt Kloskowski

Our deep learning researchers are always working on ways to improve the performance, accuracy, and speed of our AI models. A significant component to these improvements has to do with the amount of time we train our AI models. For this update, the models in Sharpen AI benefitted from several months of additional training. All of this additional training will result in even better recovery of details within your photos.

Specifically, the Motion Blur / Very Blurry AI model has been updated to v2, now covering 1.5x more blur. The Too Soft / Very Blurry has also been updated to v2 and the additional training it received will help reduce color edge artifacts.

If you're interested in why we're constantly expanding training of our AI models, you should check out our article on the topic.

Usability improvements to in-app masking

The masking tools within Sharpen AI allow you to control exactly where the sharpening improvements are applied on your photo. With Sharpen AI v3.2, we’ve improved these masking tools, making them even friendlier to use. You can now control additional masking functions—like the size of your brush feather and invoking the mask overlay—with keyboard shortcuts.

We’ve also made serious improvements to mask brushing by displaying your additive and subtractive strokes in realtime. And when using the mask overlay, you can now customize its color and opacity, making it even easier to see on any photo.

Improved color and tone processing for RAW and DNG files

We’re moving forward towards providing more accurate color and tones when loading your RAW and DNG files in Sharpen AI.

Now, when you open a RAW or DNG file in Sharpen AI v3.2 as a standalone app (as opposed to loading it as a plugin via Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop), we will apply the appropriate DCP camera profile if available as well as an improved tone curve, resulting in a more accurate version of your photo with better color accuracy.

And this is just the beginning. We’re working on even more ways to improve RAW handling and color accuracy in Sharpen AI. (Note: DCP profile and tone curve will not be saved when outputting as DNG)

Here are some photos illustrating the color and tone improvements when opening RAW and DNG files in Sharpen AI v3.2 as a standalone app.

Original photo | © Matt Kloskowski
With Sharpen AI RAW color correction | © Matt Kloskowski
Original photo | © Matt Kloskowski
With Sharpen AI RAW color correction | © Matt Kloskowski

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Brian Matiash

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